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Autopro is Australia’s oldest independent, aftermarket automotive parts group.
We are proud to be locally owned and operated.
With the freedom to stock products and brands we believe in and support fellow Australian-owned and operated companies – keeping Australia’s economy going, and business at home.


I have lived and travelled all over Australia and Noosa, with it's local community, beautiful surroundings and lifestyle was always home for me. In the beginning man made car and on the 1st January2011, a little hung over, we started work on opening Autopro Noosa. With determination and the help of family and friends, we began work on building what we pictured as the perfect auto shop in the most amazing part of the world.
The old premises previously occupied for many years by Suncoast Auto Parts, was now vacant. We called in many favours, and purchased as many old and used fixtures, fittings and equipment that our small budget allowed. We repainted and repaired what we could, and in March of 2011 we opened the doors with our then small stock range, along Noosa Eumundi Rd. Liam Kelhear and I worked every day with our dream of building up a cool auto shop, here, for the like-minded car enthusiasts.

Autopro Noosa has never been our job. It was our home and our passion. With products that we believed in, we would help with parts for repairs, restorations and performance modifications for any vehicle people asked.

As we slowly grew, Jamie Wruck joined us bringing his knowledge and love for imports and performance cars, and soon after Rhianna with previous years in genuine parts. We were growing and building an awesome, all-round team, giving us an occasional day off now too. Ken Wilcox signed up, bringing many years of experience in spare parts, stepping in as a Senior Parts Interpreter and Jai Kirk with his passion for cars and service.
In 2015, Autopro Noosa had now been improving and growing well. The opportunity arose to lease a space a few doors down from our premises, and Riders Motorcycle Garage was born. Run as a separate identity, Riders further helped us to source parts, now not only for cars, but motorcycles too.

Mid 2016 the news came that our (then) landlord had decided to sell the premises we leased to be later redeveloped. While it came as news we weren’t hoping for, it had now given us the chance to further expand, multiply and improve on things we were a little stuck with, prior to now. During the last month of 2016, with very much appreciated help from friends and family again, we started the next phase, reopening in our new location.

By January 2017, Autopro Noosa had now completely moved into our new, and current address at 2 Venture Dr, Noosaville, just around the corner from our old location. Moving off the main road allowed us to gain headway on some of the hurdles our previous location presented us with. We now had more car parking spaces, with an easier entrance. We had a larger building giving us the much needed space to expand our range, and a fitting bay – allowing us to offer other services.

In 2018 we grew further by expanding inside our new location, putting in a second floor to increase our parts holding. We now had three matching delivery cars facilitating us with faster deliveries. We added additional staff to the team with passion and enthusiasm, giving us further across-the-board experience.
In 2019, now in its new location too, I made the choice of parting ways, and selling Riders Motorcycles to focus solely on developing Autopro Noosa. While Riders will be missed it continues to trade under its new ownership.

Today I believe we have a stronger team than ever before. We have a larger range and better experience. I am so very thankful to our regular customers who have supported us over all these years, and the staff who have shared the journey and treated Autopro Noosa as their home.

Autopro Noosa is truly your one stop shop, for everything Automotive. We aim to give the best possible service and advice.
With bigger and better things to come, I am excited for everything the future holds for us at Autopro Noosa.
We hope to see you soon.

Keyn Lee